About Us

About The Eatery

Once upon a time, in 1944, Mr Satish Chona, a young engineer working at BOAC, set up a pop-up ice-cream handcart as a part-time venture to support his family. With Rs. 200 in his pocket & a passion for flavour in his heart, Mr Chona worked at Ahmedabad railway station. By day, Ahmedabad’s favourite ice cream seller & by night, a burner of the midnight oil, churning ice creams. He eventually put his ice cream brand on wheels with a friend’s cycle.

Mr Chona’s perseverance combined with his relentless efforts helped him turn an ice cream handcart into a brand that offered customers true value. Demand broke through the roof, & Havmor’s nationwide presence extended to 51 eateries, around 200 parlours, & over 40,000 distributors. But the first-ever ice cream parlour, set up in 1953 at Relief Road, Ahmedabad, is one that to-date stands as a symbol of the flavoursome journey so far.

The Eatery by Havmor started as an endeavour in the same direction to serve our customers great tasting and affordable food. It is a fast food chain presently spread across Gujarat which is committed to new recipes, premium ingredients and quality food.